Chapter 1: The Idiot Hero and the Logical Mage (unedited)

(Hello, fellow humans! This is an original story that I decided to randomly create with the help of my editor [that isn’t doing his job]. This is a story that EMBRACES the stereotypes of the typical fantasy adventure story. So if you read this and say “Wow, isn’t this just like every other fantasy type story?” My answer for you is: “Yes, yes it is! LET’S EMBRACE THE STEREOTYPE!”) 

On the outskirts of the country of Reildon, hidden by emerald forests and snow-peaked mountains, was a village that was plagued with monsters. A place with no name or mark on any map in all of Estrea. Even so, the people of this village lived their lives.

No one knew when The Village was built or how it came to be forgotten by the rest of the world. It’s one of those things that has just always been. Or so, you would be told if you inquired after the abnormality of the area. For generations, the residents never questioned why their home seemed to exist in a bubble, separate from everything else. Read More