Chapter 26: Wife’s Impression

(I said this in a different page, but I’m going to say it again…

Long ago, I asked the first translator if I could help translate this story because they seemed kind of busy and I wanted to give back to the translating Japanese novel community.

Well, I never got an answer…. so I kind of translated it anyways?


If you like this story and you know a bit of Japanese, PLEASE, reach out to me by email and we can translate this together! I am currently (very slowly, I REPEAT, VERY SLOWLY) in the process of memorizing Kanji and learning Japanese all together. I am more of an editor, to be honest, as English is my first language… [Well, my English isn’t really the greatest…]

Do help me! I like this webnovel and I wish to see it continue being translated!)


Edit: I made some changes with the help of Kiriko (See their comment for what was changed)! I thank this kind human for the help!

*Leonhart’s POV*

The sunrise (morning sun) was dazzling.

I stayed up all night to scan over the necessary documents I needed for the day.

Today was the day the Prince would arrive from Orania. Read More