About Me

Contact me at: addictedtojrpg@gmail.com

Intro: I’m just a random guy with a tiny existence in this world. Being obsessed with anime, manga, web novels, video games, and Japanese music, I guess you can call me an Otaku?

Oh wait, I also like cats.

I am just a novice story writer and I tried to translate a really nice BL (Yaoi, Boys love) web novel that I really liked.

Well, welcome to my tiny little blog?


  1. AAB · February 3, 2018

    Thanks for your hard work on translating the novels. Great work!! Can’t wait for your next chapter release of the Aloof King. X)

    Liked by 1 person

    • blackmaskedphantom · February 4, 2018

      No problem! And thank you for patiently waiting! I will try to get something in soon, but life has been trying to choke me to death XD hopefully I will be able to spit out the next two chapters. Life just makes me want to cry. T_T


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