Chapter 35: Jealousy

(T/N: Hey everyone! Sorry for being super damn late. Again. As I said a lot in the comments in the previous chapter, life has been choking me and dragging me along. My living situation got worst and I have until May to get my shit together for when I get kicked out; my college life has been super stressful with exams and tests (along with research papers and essays) back to back to back. The stress between home (along with medical bills) and college has gotten so bad, I am failing a class T_T College life is great….

Anyways… I would like to give a special thanks to Zen Wistalia (my editor) for actually finishing chapter 36 for me while I was gone! And to end my rambling, I would also like to give a special thanks to Ars translations for picking this up after I post chapter 36!) 

*POV: Leonhart*

“Your Majesty, can you do a little work instead of just thinking?”

I heard a loud voice that caught my attention, and saw Kristoff sigh who knows how many times today. After I realized my feelings for Shane, this state continued.

‘I’m sorry’, I answered as I held the documents, but none of the words were processing. Towards such a me, Kristoff gave another sigh.

“I don’t know what happened with Shane-sama, but isn’t it better to tell him your feelings instead of worrying like this?”

“No, I’m just troubled because I can’t express the feelings that I want to convey.”

To be honest, I was amazed at the sight of myself.  

“You keep thinking about Shane-sama, and you can’t get any work done; you even came back here because you were jealous of Shane-sana’s former lover. Even I can understand how Your Majesty feels. How slow can you be?”

Even if you say that, I don’t know what I don’t understand.

“In this situation, isn’t it best to prepare a birthday present for Shane-sama?”

I was stabbed right in the bull’s eye.

“Now that I think about it, I don’t even know what Shane likes. The only thing I know that he likes is flowers, but I have been sending that to him everyday recently.”

“So, do you want to invite the jeweler to the castle this time? It seems like Shane-sama doesn’t like glamorous jewelry, but I remember him wearing some earrings.”

It was a good idea, so I left it to Kristoff to arrange it. Even though one of my problems were solved, another one arose when I had to figure out what color would suit Shane best, or what design would look good or not.

* * * * *

And finally the day had come, Shane’s birthday party was organized by me. For that reason, Shane wore the dress that I had gifted him before; their hair was loosely gathered giving off an elegant, adult-like appearance. I decided I would give them the present after the party was over. I was worried, but now I was feeling rather nervous.

It wasn’t my first time dancing with Shane, but obviously my feelings were different than before. I put my arm around his thin waist that didn’t seem like a man’s waist. It was a given that there were participants who were fascinated by Shane’s beauty.

When the song finished, I had to go dance with the other women as the host. It was irritating that I couldn’t keep dancing with Shane.

While I was dancing with other women, Shane was drinking alcohol slowly, waiting for time to pass. As expected, there was no man reckless enough to dance with the Emperor’s wife, so I was relieved.

However, while I was distracted, I noticed the surroundings becoming noisy.

When I looked around, I saw Shane dancing with another man. When I looked closely, it was the Duke’s son from Orania.* Their breaths were in perfect sync, showing that they have danced many dances together. I couldn’t express the jealousy that I felt towards this man who knew the Shane I didn’t know. I was astonished by the strong feelings I held.

After a short time passed, it seems the alcohol was too much for Shane as he was being supported to the terrace; when I saw their faces near each other, I pushed away the women who were surrounding me. At the terrace, the two people started to talk, but when I heard Shane’s laughter, I unconsciously aimed hostility towards the Duke’s son.

At that moment, my voice was surprisingly cold.


*It says Marquis, but I kept it as Duke’s son as that’s how the previous translator translated it

(T/N: This chapter was a hell of a lot easier than the next chapter. I should have it as soon as I get this one damn sentence to make sense. I don’t understand Japanese idioms which is why I am struggling XD Anyways, thanks for reading and thank you all so much for being patient with me!)

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  1. sleepykatz · March 24, 2018

    welcome back!
    thanks for all your hard work ❤
    I wonder if the other party guests "know" of Shane's "previous lover"

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    • blackmaskedphantom · March 24, 2018

      Thank you but I won’t be back for long though XD. Thanks for reading! 🙂
      And that’s a really good question, but if they have been to the country Shane is “from”, they probably would know.


  2. Faniel · March 24, 2018

    Thanks for translating so far. Hope you can get your life back together soon and maybe get back translating again.

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    • blackmaskedphantom · March 24, 2018

      No problem! Thanks for reading! And hopefully because I do plan on taking Japanese classes while I am in college, so it might even be better translated when I come back! XD Well, I won’t be coming back to this webnovel in particular, but in the future, I will try to find a BL/Yaoi novel that catches my eye again.


  3. Som · March 24, 2018

    Thank you for the chapter; I really enjoy this story. It should be fun times if His Majesty ever barges into what he thinks is a major, and barely concealed, illicit romance – only to find that on Shane’s part, it is more bro-mance.

    On life, I would advise paring down your personal belongings to what you can fit into a couple suitcases, or your vehicle if that applies, as that is easier to shift when life requires a move, but that would be incredibly hypocritical. Even my emergency, or quit my job and to heck with it moves have required a moving van. So, best advice, find and keep a few very very good friends. After that, see if you can bargain down the medical bills – lots of places will make arrangements over billing, some are helpful. And do what you can to get through school. It’s so much harder going back later to redo it all for a piece of paper.

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    • blackmaskedphantom · March 24, 2018

      No problem! Thank you for reading! and it is always fun times when it has to do with Leo-sama XD

      Also, thank you for the advice! Every experience is valid so don’t worry you aren’t being hypocritical! and I have been quite poor lately, so I don’t have a car. My parents told me I was on my own for everything including college and a car…
      I am doing everything I can to make my situation a bit less stressful and I have lots of friends and resources who are trying their best to help me out, so hopefully I get everything situated by May!


      • Som · March 24, 2018

        Good luck. I had to do college twice, so seriously shoot for once, and don’t let life stress get in the way of actually learning in your classes (easy to say…).
        Having a car can be nice, but it costs money, fuel costs money, maintenance and registration and insurance… I like trains, when I can take one. Or buses. Or a bike…
        For the cost of living, and the cost of college, see if your university has a financial aid department. If they exist, they may know of scholarships, grants and cheaper loans you can apply for. Apply for anything that doesn’t cost money or require repayment, even if you’re not sure you qualify. Sometimes a job on campus can come with a dormitory, or reduced rent somewhere, as well as the potential for the meal plan and lowered cost per credit hour.
        Save where you can, and look into the local or campus food pantry, also. There is no shame in good nutrition, and college kids are perpetually broke.
        My parents did not entirely cut me off when I went to school, however there was no physical place for me to go back to, and not much safety net. If you must, and you are not required to maintain a high number of classes per semester, try to get a job that can work around your schedule.
        I will stop here. I could go on for days with this. Drop me a message if you need ideas – I’ve done almost all of them.

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      • blackmaskedphantom · March 24, 2018

        Much thanks for the advice! 💕 thankfully I have an idea for housing and even transportation and also job offers so I am not entirely fucking up just yet haha. I will keep you up to date about the situation so do expect a message from me sometime this year 😂 thanks again for all the advice and hopefully things go well! Goodnight!

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  4. Vei Kyuu · March 24, 2018

    Life is good translator-sama.. Eventually those things will pass– You can do it! 🙂 You are an amazing translator and person ^^ still giving us things like this story T.T Fightooo nee!~ And thank you very much for the update!~ Take care ^^

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    • blackmaskedphantom · March 24, 2018

      Thank you so much! Hopefully things do get better! I won’t be giving up haha.
      And no problem! Thanks for reading! 💕

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  5. yukinohana569399744 · March 24, 2018

    Gracias a ti por continuar la historia eres un héroe sin capa. Besos te cuidas😘😘😘

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