Chapter 36: Adversity Strengthens the Foundation

(T/N: Thanks for waiting and being patient! This is the last chapter I will be translating and Ars will be taking over from here! Thanks so much for reading this machine translation of this great webnovel and enduring the pitiful excuse for a translation. This chapter was surprising kind of lengthy and it was extremely difficult to translate so please bear with me!

Also, one more shout out to Zen Wistalia for translating the last bit of this chapter that I didn’t do! They are the reason why I can even post this chapter…)

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Chapter 35: Jealousy

(T/N: Hey everyone! Sorry for being super damn late. Again. As I said a lot in the comments in the previous chapter, life has been choking me and dragging me along. My living situation got worst and I have until May to get my shit together for when I get kicked out; my college life has been super stressful with exams and tests (along with research papers and essays) back to back to back. The stress between home (along with medical bills) and college has gotten so bad, I am failing a class T_T College life is great….

Anyways… I would like to give a special thanks to Zen Wistalia (my editor) for actually finishing chapter 36 for me while I was gone! And to end my rambling, I would also like to give a special thanks to Ars translations for picking this up after I post chapter 36!) 

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