Chapter 34: Birthday

(T/N: MERRY CHRISTMAS! I know. I’m super fucking late with the chapter~! Life has literally been stressing me out from studying like crazy to final exams, then there’s all the therapy I have been going through, and now I am trying to find a job and figure out a way to avoid homelessness. So it’s been quite a ride these past 2 months.

To be honest, I probably won’t be able to continue translating this even though I really want to. After I finish chapter 36 [I am almost done with it] I will be begging someone to take over for me. Thanks for reading the translations and I really hope someone picks up this amazing novel!) 

My birthday was coming up next week, but my relationship with Leo-sama was still awkward. After becoming aware of my feelings, when I looked at him, I became frustrated at myself for behaving so suspiciously. It was becoming more difficult to pretend to be cool.

My only moments of peace was when I was drinking tea with Elias.

“Shane-sama, have you decided on what dress you will be wearing for the party next week?” Read More