Chapter 33: What’s the Best Thing to do?

*Aloof King and Cool (Acting) Queen*

T/N: I am so sorry everyone. It’s been a bit over 20 days and I am very sorry about that… Well, what happen was: I wanted to update, but then I had to hurricane prep as Hurricane Irma was coming my way (as I live in South florida). And then when Hurricane Irma hit, I lost electricity, and Wi-Fi (obviously). I lost Wi-fi for a while and got it back Friday. Then Saturday morning when I wanted to update,  I ended up losing power once again because some asshole blew up the transformer. No one had power in my neighborhood after that… SO here I am, with a new update. Sorry I suck at translating on time LOL.

Also, thanks for all the help in the previous chapter and thanks for all the loveee.

Edit (9/19/17): Thanks Kiriko and C.T World for the help as always! 


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