Chapter 30: A Female Pig?!

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*POV: Shane* 

A month had pass since I came to Caspar. I got a message that Urie would be coming to deliver the magic potion soon.

Leo-sama and I hit it off so well, that I felt that our married life started much more smoothly than it could have been.

However, I had forgotten.

It is said that a woman’s jealousy was terrible.

I realized I was in the midst of that jealousy when a large amount of insect carcasses came out of the delivered parcel.

Elias, who was at my side, was unable to hide his anger when he looked inside the box and saw the contents of it. “To show such a rude attitude like this to the Empress, it would be impossible to complain if they were punished.”

“Since I have lived a life surrounded by insects because I lived near the garden, even if they send things like this, it doesn’t affect me at all.”

The inside of the box was filled with insects I was familiar with, but rather than being surprised by the contents, I was surprised by the reason behind the box.

“Even though the sender’s name is not written, it was probably sent from one of the noble concubines. Do you want to report this to the guard in charge of the inner palace?”

“No, that’s not necessary.”

This degree of harassment was adorable.

Though, it would be better not to make things worse.

* * * * *

The next day, I received an invitation to a tea party from one of the Noble Concubines, Princess Ada. Elias warned me to be careful about the sudden invitation, but I was excited to see what kind of harassment was waiting.

Princess Ada, the oldest Concubine, was 24 years old, and Princess Erma and Princess Delia were 22 years old. (I used the names from the previous translator.)

I could only recognize their harassment as being on the level of a younger sister’s selfishness.

Perhaps they’ll throw tea on me while saying “You sow!”. (Sow = Female Pig)

“Elias, do I have a white dress?”

If they were going to do that, then I should wear a colour in which the tea stains would be more prominent. Such idle thoughts were all I could think of.

“Shane-sama, please do not enjoy this kind of thing.”

After Elias’s calm tsukkomi, it was decided that the dress would be bright green.

* * * * *

When Elias and I arrived at the garden where the tea party was held, the three Noble Concubines were already there.

“I am late. I am sorry to have kept you all waiting.”

“No, since the Empress Consort is busy, it is I who should apologize for inviting you here so suddenly. My name is Ada.” She gave off the impression of a strong-willed princess.

For a beautiful person to wear such thick (bright) make-up, it made me a bit disappointed.

The other two concubines also introduced themselves.

“Thank you for the invitation. My name is Shane, and I am from Orania. Since you took the time to send me an invitation to this tea party, I brought some sweets. Please, I hope everyone will enjoy eating them.”

I had Elias arrange the sweets on to the table. I hurriedly bought these sweets from a popular store in town after I got the invitation.

“Thank you. This is my first time eating commoner’s sweets. Also, Shane-sama, please have a seat.”

The sarcasm that slowly began to seep into the conversation made me feel like laughing

Each Noble Concubine was a princess from countries larger than Orania. Also, since I had a better position in Caspar, these girls probably couldn’t stomach that fact.

The conversation continued for a while, and then, Princess Erma presented a small bouquet of flowers.

“To celebrate your welcome, I prepared this small bouquet of flowers on behalf of the three of us. I picked a flower that resembles Shane-sama.”

That said, the flowers were cute as they were tiny white flowers. However, these grew on the roadside. Since this was the case, this was obviously an insult to me, the Empress.

I stopped Elias, who appeared as if he had endured enough, and replied with a smile that only reached the corner of my eyes.

“Thank you. In the language of flowers, this flower means “beautiful heart”. It is unexpected that you thought of me as such. I will carefully decorate my room with this.”

The concubines were surprised by my reply, “Yes, let’s get along well.”

I planned to skillfully get through this. However, as I am, I will impress them so there would be no further harassment. Even though I was enjoying it, it would be bothersome if I had to deal with it everyday.

“Erma-sama, since I received flowers from you, please allow me to give a gift in return. For Erma-sama, this flower suits you best.”

A yellow flower appeared when I opened my hand. Surprised voices came from everyone around me.

It was a magic trick. I remembered seeing it on TV when I was living in Japan. But it seemed like real magic to the people of this country. In other words, this was the only magic I could do.

I wanted to implicitly show them that I’d get them back with an amazing magic if they kept on harassing me, but I wonder if it went alright.

“In the language of flowers, this flower means “Purity”. (Could also mean unselfish or honesty). I think it is perfect for you since you are also beautiful as well.” ‘Please’, I presented (the flower), and she got a little red when receiving it.


The harassment event I was thinking of didn’t occur, and the tea party ended peacefully. From that day on, the harassment ceased, but Erma-sama came to my room often to play instead. She was pretty and looked like a little girl, so I didn’t really feel bad about it.

Thus, my life as an Empress passed by peacefully.

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    I think he means that his married life was easyer then expected, regarding the concubines. This is what I inferred after reading the chapter

    2. If I think about it, my selfish younger sisters were giving me recognition.**
    It’s them recognizing him as an opponent, or, recollections/nostalgia do to how there are acting. With the nostalgia it is most likely that he read/watched/knows about the family feuds that happened in the past.

    3. If I made tea, I wonder if they would say, “This pig (sow)!”. (WTF?)Might as well pick something that would make the tea stains shine more, I couldn’t help but think such things.***
    I am almost positive that this a reference to Chinese novels, there is uasually a scene where, the protagonist makes tea to get along with the concubines; how ever they take it as an offence and throw the tea at her/him. This is usually followed by a slang, swear, name coling or curs. That was why “This pig!” Was mentioned.
    The white dress is a joke, apart of the scene he is about, To make the tea stains, if the tea was thrown, stand out more. This results in a sorrier picture/moment, for the protagonist, that would draw piety from others, and Shane finds it funny. (dang, this was a long explanation.)

    4.“Thank you. This is my first time eating commoner’s sweets. Also, Shane-sama, please have a seat.”
    I nearly laughed at the conversation that felt like I was soaking in their sarcasm. *>
    In the old, Chinese dynasty, days people would not insult you strait, but instead they would us a round about way so it does not seem like they just insulted you. An example would be: ” Even the most finest flower is lacking in your presences”. This sentences seem alright; however, it changes depending on who you said it to. If you say it to a girl then it is fine, but it’s not ok when you say it to a guy. In the old days men were considered strong and sturdy like a rock. Females were considered soft and jentil like a flower. So why would you say the example line to a guy unless you are actually insulting them. So when one of them said: “Thank you. This is my first time eating commoner’s sweets. Also, Shane-sama, please have a seat”. They were insulting Shane as being poor and a commoner resulting in Shane finding it amusing.

    5.“To celebrate your welcome, I prepared this small bouquet of flowers on behalf of the three of us. I picked a flower that resembles Shane-sama.”
    That said, the flowers were cute as there were tiny white flowers. However, these grew on the roadside. Since this was the case, this was obviously an insult to me, the Empress.
    I looked at Elias to prevent him from raising a hand, and then I smiled.**>
    This was also an insult (saying that Shane is something that can be picked up at the side of the road) and Elias got mad do to the disrspect they were showing Shane. Shane outer his hand up to stop Elias from saying something or doing something that won’t afect the situation.

    6. I tried to show that if they continued to harass me, I could use magic to get back at them. I wonder if it worked. (??? The fuck?)
    In the old days people were scared of the unknown, spearits, curses, and bad omins. Shane showing them the magic trick is invertedly saying that I can make your life miserable, so don’t mess with me, and that he has powers. I can see this plan back dieting on him though.

    Sorry this was so long. Also sorry if number 4 was confusing. I felt that explaining their speech habit/pattern was important because there will be more stuff like that. Again sorry if there is any grammar or spelling mistakes. ( I am doing this at 12 and most likely deep doing this at 12.) Thank you for all your hard work and I hope this clarified anything for you. ^ – ^

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    I sneered/laughed at the conversation that gradually soaked in sarcasm.

    Holding back Elias’s hand that about to rise, I wore a smile which only reach my eyes and answered.

    If you continue to harass me, I’ll retaliate with amazing magic, that was what I wanted to show them. I wonder if my plan did the trick.

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