Chapter 32: The Real Nature of Those Feelings

Aloof King and Cool (Acting) Queen*

T/N: *IMPORTANT* When I was translating this, I just remembered that his character isn’t supposed to act “Cold”, but cool. I can’t really change the title on Novel Updates, but I will just put the title at the start of every chapter from now on so people don’t get confused with Shane’s character. He isn’t supposed to act “Cold” at all. He supposed to be like a “independent, reliable, and sophisticated” person.

On another note, sorry for the late update. When I wanted to update,  I had to go to a mandatory 4 day excursion for my university, and then my classes started right when it ended. I wanted to adjust to the new school life, so I couldn’t really update until now.  Well, anyways, enjoy the chapter!


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Chapter 31: It Seems like a Common Cold

Next(T/N: Hey everyone! Sorry I took so long. It’s been a busy week and the chapters are getting a bit difficult for me on my own. Thankfully, I got a new Editor and their name is Asami! I hope the translations are a bit smoother now!

**Important (ish): I want to mention that in this chapter, Shane uses more “Ore” then his usual “I” which is a bit more gender neutral but on a weird feminine (manly ish?) side.** 

Also, sorry my chapters are updated irregularly… It’s hard to be productive in this horrible heat…)


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Chapter 30: A Female Pig?!

(T/N: Sorry I took so long! For 4 days, I was at an anime convention. It was super tiring so I slept a lot after the convention. I feel like the chapters are getting worse and worse as I continue to translate. RIP my life.

Also, shoutout to everyoneee who helped me in the previous chapter! I am super thankful and hope you all can help me again in the chapters to come!

Well, anyways, I hope you all enjoy this chapter! I personally liked this one a lot.

Edit: KIRIKO! I am sooo sorry T_T I don’t know how to unspam a comment. I tried for about an hour, but nothing worked. Thanks for the help this chapter too, and sorry again Dx 

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