Chapter 26: Wife’s Impression

(I said this in a different page, but I’m going to say it again…

Long ago, I asked the first translator if I could help translate this story because they seemed kind of busy and I wanted to give back to the translating Japanese novel community.

Well, I never got an answer…. so I kind of translated it anyways?


If you like this story and you know a bit of Japanese, PLEASE, reach out to me by email and we can translate this together! I am currently (very slowly, I REPEAT, VERY SLOWLY) in the process of memorizing Kanji and learning Japanese all together. I am more of an editor, to be honest, as English is my first language… [Well, my English isn’t really the greatest…]

Do help me! I like this webnovel and I wish to see it continue being translated!)


Edit: I made some changes with the help of Kiriko (See their comment for what was changed)! I thank this kind human for the help!

*Leonhart’s POV*

The sunrise (morning sun) was dazzling.

I stayed up all night to scan over the necessary documents I needed for the day.

Today was the day the Prince would arrive from Orania.


When I don’t sleep, it is a figure that should not be shown. I sat down in the chair and closed my eyes.

The door to the office was knocked on intensely, so it instantly woke me up. Convinced that this was Kristoff’s knocking, I allowed his entry.

“Good morning, Your Majesty. Without delay, Princess Shane has arrived at the Royal Palace a short while ago. I would like to reaffirm the upcoming schedule, is that alright?”

Oh, the Prince… Now that you mention it, it’s “Princess”.

I felt apologetic to the Princess, but while I was interested in Orania’s economy, I didn’t hold much interest in the Princess himself.

Actually, I do not know if it would be correct to call him “Princess”. I, myself, don’t have strong oppositions for the same gender being romantic interests, but I prefer women. As an Emperor, making a child would eventually lead to further development of the country.

Kristoff said that these intentions were not good, but what concerned me was how to acquire profit for the country.

“We will proceed to go in this direction (flow), … but are you sure?” It seemed Kristoff’s explanation came to an end.

While most of it went over my head, Kristoff would not make mistakes even if these events were separated. 

There will be no mistakes if I leave it to you.

“Ah, I leave it to you.”

“Understood. Also, I will give the report about Princess Shane’s personality and the investigation of Orania that was done with Eckart.

“First of all, it is about Princess Shane’s reputation in the country, but since his existence was kept a secret so far, I do not know anything about his childhood.

“However, in the past few years, I heard that he hid his identity to participate in the city festival, and helped his father, Prince Alexei, with his work. He visited the festival with the Duke’s eldest son each time, and the two seemed to be lovers. Incidentally, from the rumors of the citizens, it seems that they did not deny their relationship, and it was said that marriage was close by.

“His Highness Prince Alexei has jurisdiction over the management of the garden at the Royal Castle, but I also asked his colleagues for information. Even though Princess Shane worked as a male there, no one thought it was strange when he was announced as a woman. Rather, they originally thought (s)he disguised himself(herself) as a man. (T/N: had no idea what pronouns to use here) Princess Shane was diligent; also, his knowledge on plants exceeded everyone’s.

“His popularity was the best. It was like a heroine of a tragedy where they had to separate from their lover in Orania for the sake of marrying into Caspar.  

“When I actually met Princess Shane, perhaps I should say that there was an impression of a man, but they had a refreshing personality. Even when parting with the country, he did not shed tears, and he didn’t bring any attendants with him. It seems he took the secret into consideration as to not be exposed.

“As for my impressions of him, he was a very pleasant and a strong person to the core (heart).”

(T/N: That was one whole big report being stated, I hope I wrote it clearly…)


Honestly, it was unexpected that Kristoff would evaluate someone so highly.

However, what was worrisome was the existence of the lover that was left behind in Orania. Since he came all the way to this country, he had probably resolved himself to get married, but he most likely (probably) wasn’t happy about it because he had to leave his ‘lover’ behind.

“I see. Thank you for the report.”

“No (problem?), well, I must be rude but there are preparations, so I must excuse myself. After this, although this may seem impolite, I would advise you to have a hot bath before the audience takes place.” Kristoff said as he left the room.

Indeed, it seems I had bedhead from bad sleeping habits.


* * * * *

When it was time, the country’s important government officials had already gathered in the audience room

“Everyone, I have put you all through much hardships. I am sorry for gathering you all here today.”  

“Not at all, Your Majesty, we do not mind. His Majesty finally welcomed an Empress, so we also wanted to see you soon.” The Prime Minister stated.

He was a good-natured old man, however his ingenuity was dreadful. I don’t even want to think about how long the war would have been prolonged if he (the Prime Minister) didn’t have the views (opinions, judgement?) that he did. He was also one of the few people who knew of the Princess’s secret.

There were also many government officials who nodded their head to the Prime Minister’s words.

During this peaceful atmosphere, led in by Kristoff, the central figure of the topic came inside.

Looking at his appearance, I got overwhelmed. Is this really a Prince? A flower pattern dress that was not too gaudy, emphasized his neat beauty. When he spoke, his soft husky voice was pleasant (comfortable), and I was able to have a favorable conversation that I didn’t press any further.

It looked like he was nervous, but as one might expect, being surrounded like so, it was only natural.

This seemed likely to build a good relationship.

Since I also received reports about him having a chronic illness, did I worry a bit too excessively?

I did not see his smile in the audience room, so I felt a little disappointed, but when I saw his beautiful smile directed towards the Prime Minister, I felt embarrassed.
(T/N: *Cough Cough*, you mean you were JEALOUS.)  


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(Hello, BlackMaskedPhantom here! Just a reminder, this isn’t my story, it’s a translation. Also, this was translated using online FREE translation websites, so the accuracy of this translation has been decreased about 90%.

This translation will give you the jist of what is happening in the chapter, so please do not expect a lot out of me. Also, I will be posting the next chapter soon. Even though the chapters are kind of short, it might take some time because I got stumped in some parts of the next chapter.

IF YOU WANT TO HELP THIS POOR PERSON, PLEASE CONTACT ME. Email. Comment. Whatever means you can! Thank you for reading!) 


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    殆んど上の空だったが、= While most of it went over my head, (as in, he wasn’t paying attention and missed most of what was reported.)

    この国に来たという事は、婚姻に対する覚悟は決まっているのだろうが、あまり良い気はしないものだ。= Since he came all the way to this country, he had probably resolved himself to get married, but he probably did not have very good feelings about it. (alternatively, you could say that ‘but he probably wasn’t very happy about it’ (because he’d have to leave his ‘lover’ behind)

    見方でなかったら戦争がどれ程長引いただろうなどと、考えたくも無い。 = I don’t even want to think about how long the war would have been prolonged if he (the Prime Minister) didn’t have the viewpoint (or opinion?) that he did. (Since this probably isn’t the full paragraph, it’s hard to understand the context, but it probably goes something like this…)

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