Chapter 1: The Idiot Hero and the Logical Mage (unedited)

(Hello, fellow humans! This is an original story that I decided to randomly create with the help of my editor [that isn’t doing his job]. This is a story that EMBRACES the stereotypes of the typical fantasy adventure story. So if you read this and say “Wow, isn’t this just like every other fantasy type story?” My answer for you is: “Yes, yes it is! LET’S EMBRACE THE STEREOTYPE!”) 

On the outskirts of the country of Reildon, hidden by emerald forests and snow-peaked mountains, was a village that was plagued with monsters. A place with no name or mark on any map in all of Estrea. Even so, the people of this village lived their lives.

No one knew when The Village was built or how it came to be forgotten by the rest of the world. It’s one of those things that has just always been. Or so, you would be told if you inquired after the abnormality of the area. For generations, the residents never questioned why their home seemed to exist in a bubble, separate from everything else.

In this village, there were two young men that stood out. There was something off about these humans. Their aspirations surpassed those of their fellow villagers and harbored something different.

They were raised the same and everyone else saw them as just normal villagers. They would one day get married to some nice young lady in the village and live their life just as their ancestors have. That was normal for every man in the village.

For everyone in the village, they would wake at the crack of dawn, tend to the farm, eat at the respective times, and sleep as soon as night falls. Most families lived in such a scheduled way, while some individuals kept the monsters at bay.

The Idiot Hero were one of those individuals who vowed to protect the small village from monsters. Along with his friend, the Logical Mage, they became the duo who protected and trained the villagers to defend their homes.

In the world of Estrea, magic, swords, and monsters could be used to describe it. To live in this world one must fight for survival. One wrong move and your life could be taken away. As cruel as it sounds, this was what the world was. Everyone who risked their lives fighting these monsters knew this, so many individuals have walked the path of strength to make the lives of others better or worse.

The Idiot Hero was one of the strong individuals who dedicated his life to strength so that the people of his village wouldn’t have to worry. Everyday he trained, fought monsters, and lived a life of battle just for the safety of his family and friends. Along with the Logical Mage, they trained in their respective fields of battle for the sole purpose to protect.

Then it came. That day was supposed to be like any other day. The two young men broke the monotony of village life. That day was the day their Hero Core Shell cracked within them.

Doing their usual rounds that went around the vicinity of the village, the Logical Mage felt a change in the magical energy in the air. The young man looked around startled trying to find the source of the abnormality. “Xavier, there’s something amiss in the area.”

The other young man, Xavier, tried to look around as well, but since he wasn’t a mage he couldn’t feel the magical energy like the Logical Mage could. “Kildarien, I don’t know about the magical energy, but the presence in the surrounding area has changed as well.”

The two who were about the same in height, looked at each other for a moment. The other villagers who were scouting along with them, looked at the two in confusion. They couldn’t feel the difference in the air, but that was only normal. Only those who have trained for many years could feel the slight changes in their surroundings.

Xavier noticed the slight wind that picked up as it rustled Kildarien’s blonde short hair. An eerie silence accompanied the small group of young men in the forest. Usually, the sound of birds and insects could be heard, but today there was no such thing.

Having noticed the sudden change, the Logical Mage gave an expression of panic, and urged them to go back. “The village is in danger!” at his call, everyone started running toward the village.

By the time they reached the entrance, there stood a giant individual with pitch black skin. The horns on it’s head indicated that they were from the Demon Race. The giant was a bit over 2 meters tall, with not a single hair on it’s body. A red tattoo could be seen on it’s left forearm. With two triangles overlapping each other to make a star, and a demonic face with horns that curved, bat wings hung behind the face that sat in the middle of the star. That red mark was something that everyone in Estrea knew about.

It was the mark of a True Demon Lord’s minions.

The Demon race had one of the larger populations, and because of certain reasons they were always at odds with the other races. Every couple hundred years, True Demon Lords would surface. It was the same for the True Heroes that would fight the True Demon Lords.

Seeing the mark on the Demon, they knew that they were now in the Era of Chaos. As the people of Estrea hope for the True Heroes to come forth, the world would plunge into a slow destruction.

Little did they know, Xavier and Kildarien would be one of those True Heroes.

* * * * *

As Kildarien and Xavier stood at the entrance, the demon had their back toward them as it was holding a villager by the head. The demon gave a back chilling chuckle. “You humans are the weakest beings I have ever encountered,” their voice filled with rage. “And you dare hit me with that useless weapon of yours?”

As the demon said that, it slowly crushed the head of the villager so that his screams could be heard throughout the area. A moment later, the demon gave an irritated sigh. “Annoying.” with just one word, the poor man’s head was crushed in an instant.

Anger coursed through the blood of Xavier who was being held back by Kildarien. Kildarien’s seemingly delicate hand held on to Xavier’s arm with a tight, strong grip. “Don’t do something stupid,” he tightened his grip. “You know we don’t have the power to stop that demon.”

Kildarien was the logical one of the two. Hence his nickname, the Logical Mage. He calculated the strength of everyone on the battlefield and determined the outcomes of each battle like a tactician. This time, he knew that even with his best friend’s strength, they couldn’t win against the demon with 100 of them.

When Kildarien said this, the demon turned around and finally faced them. The demon’s blood shot eyes stared directly at duo. It let go of the dead man’s head letting the blood and brain matter drip down to the ground.

“Did I anger you?” the demon questioned in a teasing manner, “I wouldn’t want to make you little boys cry.”

Xavier grabbed on to his sword to unsheathe it. It was just a simple Iron Sword from the iron the villagers gathered from the mine near by. Even so, he took pride with his skill with a sword no matter what kind it was.

“I don’t care if I die,” this Idiot Hero shouted, “I vowed that I would protect this village even if I lose my life in the process!” Even though he said this, they were about to be the only ones left in the village.

“Guts for such a weak human. I could only wonder how this village hadn’t succumb to the ongoing monster attacks. Maybe it’s the willpower of the weak that helps others pull through.”

Just as Xavier was about to dash toward the demon, a young woman came crying to the dead body and fell to her feet as she looked at her husband. Pleading to the Heavens that this wasn’t real, she held on to his hand in front of the demon.

“He was a pitiful man with no power. There was no way he would have been spared.”

Not having heard a word, she continued to cry for her husband. He was the only thing she knew. Pregnant with his child, the only thing she could think about was how she going to survive without him. How would her baby survive this world without a father?

Irritation spread across the demon’s face as it stared at the woman by its feet. The hand of the demon morphed together to become a sharp stake. With just one slash, the woman’s head instantly flew off her body and rolled for several meters.

“Now, where were we?” It turned back to Kildarien and Xavier who were still staring. “The souls of you humans are delicious that I couldn’t help but eat most of them here.”

In Estrea, the demons would get powerful as they ate the souls of the other races, which in turn was one of the reasons why there was hostility between the Demon race and the other races.

Gathering the information from the demon, Kildarien concluded that they were the only ones left in the village. The three other men that were with them were slaughtered as they tried to escape the village. There were many demons surrounding the area.

Finally, Xavier launched himself forward as he dashed toward the demon. The demon lifted its right arm half-heartedly to block the incoming attack, but was a bit surprised about the small abrasion that formed.

“Wow, to think that a weak human like you could actually damage me. Maybe I underestimated you a little too much.”

After saying this, the demon bashed Xavier away making him fly backwards. When the demon did this, 3 fireballs were launched hitting the chest of the demon. Kildarien gave a battle stance. “I can’t let you die by yourself, right?”

The demon paused and looked down at its chest. “To think your weak magic actually burned me a little.” instantaneously, the wounds on the demon healed.

Xavier got back up again wiping the sweat off his forehead and moving his bangs. His short black hair now filled with dirt gave him a look as if he rolled around in it. His green eyes burned with the desire to kill. The blood lust coursing through his body gave him the adrenaline rush he needed.

“I will avenge the people of this village!” Xavier shouted as he ran towards the demon once more. In the eyes of everyone else, he could be described as a hero, but to his friend, he still seemed like the idiot he knew.

Giving a battle roar, the demon darted towards Xavier and closed the gap between the two in seconds. With all his willpower, Xavier slashed his sword at the incoming stake-shaped arm that the demon morphed. He knew that he couldn’t do much damage, but that didn’t stop him from trying. His iron sword was lodged into the arm of the demon. It wasn’t blood oozing out from the wound, but some sort of black liquid. He tried to yank the sword out of its arm, but it was stuck.

“You stupid humans actually dare to hurt me?” the demon said as he grabbed Xavier by the head. He struggled to free himself from the grasp of the demon, but their strengths were completely different.

Seconds later, Kildarien quickly chanted. {[By the power of the God of Light, send a beam of light to the world of darkness. Light Beam!]} A beam of light shot out from the palm of Kildarien’s hand piercing a hole into the chest of the demon.

The Hero Core Shell cracked from within Kildarien. His willpower to save his friend contributed to this fact.

Dropping Xavier to the floor, it looked at the hole in its chest. Moments went by that seemed like hours as the demon looked at the emptiness of the hole. Since Holy Magic was used, the demon wasn’t able to recover like it did with the scratch by the sword or the fire magic.

The magic that Kildarien unleashed used up quite a lot of magical energy. His blue eyes started to fog as he knew he was very close to magic exhaustion. He used a lot of magic power while they were hunting and scouting. Also, Light Beam was an advanced level Light Magic that was difficult to control as the user had to concentrate a massive amount of energy in the palm of their hand and then shoot it in a straight line. If he messed up, a light explosion would’ve happened in front of him.

“Die, human!!” A giant ball of dark magic was shot out without the use of incantations.

Kildarien knew he wouldn’t be able to protect himself or react fast enough to the magic, so he stood there prepared for death. Seconds later, Xavier jumped in front of Kildarien holding his sword to try to block the attack. He could see the sword corrode in front of his eyes and the rust slowly falling to the ground.

Even so, he still stood there to protect his only friend. Kildarien was the only person he had left in this world. Their families had died and everyone in the village had perished. If they were to die, they would rather do so together.

A crack formed on the Hero Core Shell within Xavier.

A light shot out from behind him, and the ball of dark magic disappeared. Kildarien gave a sigh. “Thanks to you, I was able to cast some magic.” Saved by a thin piece of hair, they managed to ward off the life threatening attack.

Before they could relax, the demon stood there looking at the two. “You humans are interesting.” it gave a cold smirk that seemed to make the temperature around them drop. “For putting up a decent fight, I will spare your lives.”

“But remember this, if you can’t get stronger I will personally end your lives. This world will become overrun by demons. Our Lord has finally risen once more, and this time we will be powerful enough to rid the world of you filthy beings. The demon race will be the most powerful race of all!” With that, the demon and its allies disappeared from the area.

They knew this because the pressure lessened, and they could finally hear the birds and insects chirping once more. The two collapsed to the ground and took deep breaths to calm their fast beating hearts.

The Idiot Hero and the Logical Mage were the first humans of this era to finally walk on the road to becoming True Heroes.


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