Chapter 29: Wedding Night

(T/N: HELLO, IT’S 3AM! So where have I, BlackMaskedPhantom, been? Well, just like you all, I read webnovels, and I was recommended this beautifully funny one. Ended up binge reading it. Whoops. Then I got distracted and totally forgot about updating.

Haha… Well, I hope you guys enjoy this chapter that I worked so freaking hard on. This chapter gave me brain aneurysms. I was seriously struggling and super close to crying! Me, a grown man, crying because I don’t understand. What a beautiful sight…

Edit: 10:16pm. I want to thank all the people who helped me with this chapter! (They are in the comments down below!). 

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Chapter 28: Wedding Ceremony

(T/N: Where have I been? Sleeping and sulking depression. Well I was supposed to update yesterday, but I had (and still have) some troubles with chapter 29. Like I’m crying (mentally) as I am trying to get through this. I need help…

I will try my best to update, but I don’t guarantee daily updates. Sorry… Well enjoy this chapter!)

Edit: Thanks to everyone for the translation suggestion! and thank you Kiriko for the big help in this chapter once again! 🙂 
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Chapter 27: First Gen Prime Minister

(Yo, BlackMaskedPhantom here! I actually finished this chapter a lot faster than I thought, but there’s a small problem. Well, it’s a big problem. Anyways, there were a lot of things that I didn’t know what they either meant or how it could/should be worded. Please bear with me and pray that the next chapter is a lot easier.

Also, this is a heads up: I probably won’t be updating this weekend. I have to attend a funeral tomorrow of someone very important to my family. Don’t know why, but my culture does a long week of mourning with lots of praying and reminiscence. Will try my best to update sometime next week! Sorry in advance…  

Edit: (4:50am because I don’t sleep?)  Let me thank Kiriko one more time for the amazing help and the confidence boost! Thanks soo much!

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Chapter 26: Wife’s Impression

(I said this in a different page, but I’m going to say it again…

Long ago, I asked the first translator if I could help translate this story because they seemed kind of busy and I wanted to give back to the translating Japanese novel community.

Well, I never got an answer…. so I kind of translated it anyways?


If you like this story and you know a bit of Japanese, PLEASE, reach out to me by email and we can translate this together! I am currently (very slowly, I REPEAT, VERY SLOWLY) in the process of memorizing Kanji and learning Japanese all together. I am more of an editor, to be honest, as English is my first language… [Well, my English isn’t really the greatest…]

Do help me! I like this webnovel and I wish to see it continue being translated!)


Edit: I made some changes with the help of Kiriko (See their comment for what was changed)! I thank this kind human for the help!

*Leonhart’s POV*

The sunrise (morning sun) was dazzling.

I stayed up all night to scan over the necessary documents I needed for the day.

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Chapter 1: The Idiot Hero and the Logical Mage (unedited)

(Hello, fellow humans! This is an original story that I decided to randomly create with the help of my editor [that isn’t doing his job]. This is a story that EMBRACES the stereotypes of the typical fantasy adventure story. So if you read this and say “Wow, isn’t this just like every other fantasy type story?” My answer for you is: “Yes, yes it is! LET’S EMBRACE THE STEREOTYPE!”) 

On the outskirts of the country of Reildon, hidden by emerald forests and snow-peaked mountains, was a village that was plagued with monsters. A place with no name or mark on any map in all of Estrea. Even so, the people of this village lived their lives.

No one knew when The Village was built or how it came to be forgotten by the rest of the world. It’s one of those things that has just always been. Or so, you would be told if you inquired after the abnormality of the area. For generations, the residents never questioned why their home seemed to exist in a bubble, separate from everything else. Read More