Chapter 36: Adversity Strengthens the Foundation

(T/N: Thanks for waiting and being patient! This is the last chapter I will be translating and Ars will be taking over from here! Thanks so much for reading this machine translation of this great webnovel and enduring the pitiful excuse for a translation. This chapter was surprising kind of lengthy and it was extremely difficult to translate so please bear with me!

Also, one more shout out to Zen Wistalia for translating the last bit of this chapter that I didn’t do! They are the reason why I can even post this chapter…)

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Chapter 35: Jealousy

(T/N: Hey everyone! Sorry for being super damn late. Again. As I said a lot in the comments in the previous chapter, life has been choking me and dragging me along. My living situation got worst and I have until May to get my shit together for when I get kicked out; my college life has been super stressful with exams and tests (along with research papers and essays) back to back to back. The stress between home (along with medical bills) and college has gotten so bad, I am failing a class T_T College life is great….

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Chapter 34: Birthday

(T/N: MERRY CHRISTMAS! I know. I’m super fucking late with the chapter~! Life has literally been stressing me out from studying like crazy to final exams, then there’s all the therapy I have been going through, and now I am trying to find a job and figure out a way to avoid homelessness. So it’s been quite a ride these past 2 months.

To be honest, I probably won’t be able to continue translating this even though I really want to. After I finish chapter 36 [I am almost done with it] I will be begging someone to take over for me. Thanks for reading the translations and I really hope someone picks up this amazing novel!) 

My birthday was coming up next week, but my relationship with Leo-sama was still awkward. After becoming aware of my feelings, when I looked at him, I became frustrated at myself for behaving so suspiciously. It was becoming more difficult to pretend to be cool.

My only moments of peace was when I was drinking tea with Elias.

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Chapter 33: What’s the Best Thing to do?

*Aloof King and Cool (Acting) Queen*

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Chapter 32: The Real Nature of Those Feelings

Aloof King and Cool (Acting) Queen*

T/N: *IMPORTANT* When I was translating this, I just remembered that his character isn’t supposed to act “Cold”, but cool. I can’t really change the title on Novel Updates, but I will just put the title at the start of every chapter from now on so people don’t get confused with Shane’s character. He isn’t supposed to act “Cold” at all. He supposed to be like a “independent, reliable, and sophisticated” person.

On another note, sorry for the late update. When I wanted to update,  I had to go to a mandatory 4 day excursion for my university, and then my classes started right when it ended. I wanted to adjust to the new school life, so I couldn’t really update until now.  Well, anyways, enjoy the chapter!


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Chapter 31: It Seems like a Common Cold

Next(T/N: Hey everyone! Sorry I took so long. It’s been a busy week and the chapters are getting a bit difficult for me on my own. Thankfully, I got a new Editor and their name is Asami! I hope the translations are a bit smoother now!

**Important (ish): I want to mention that in this chapter, Shane uses more “Ore” then his usual “I” which is a bit more gender neutral but on a weird feminine (manly ish?) side.** 

Also, sorry my chapters are updated irregularly… It’s hard to be productive in this horrible heat…)


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Chapter 30: A Female Pig?!

(T/N: Sorry I took so long! For 4 days, I was at an anime convention. It was super tiring so I slept a lot after the convention. I feel like the chapters are getting worse and worse as I continue to translate. RIP my life.

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Well, anyways, I hope you all enjoy this chapter! I personally liked this one a lot.

Edit: KIRIKO! I am sooo sorry T_T I don’t know how to unspam a comment. I tried for about an hour, but nothing worked. Thanks for the help this chapter too, and sorry again Dx 

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Chapter 29: Wedding Night

(T/N: HELLO, IT’S 3AM! So where have I, BlackMaskedPhantom, been? Well, just like you all, I read webnovels, and I was recommended this beautifully funny one. Ended up binge reading it. Whoops. Then I got distracted and totally forgot about updating.

Haha… Well, I hope you guys enjoy this chapter that I worked so freaking hard on. This chapter gave me brain aneurysms. I was seriously struggling and super close to crying! Me, a grown man, crying because I don’t understand. What a beautiful sight…

Edit: 10:16pm. I want to thank all the people who helped me with this chapter! (They are in the comments down below!). 

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Chapter 28: Wedding Ceremony

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Edit: Thanks to everyone for the translation suggestion! and thank you Kiriko for the big help in this chapter once again! 🙂 
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Chapter 27: First Gen Prime Minister

(Yo, BlackMaskedPhantom here! I actually finished this chapter a lot faster than I thought, but there’s a small problem. Well, it’s a big problem. Anyways, there were a lot of things that I didn’t know what they either meant or how it could/should be worded. Please bear with me and pray that the next chapter is a lot easier.

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